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The Hawthorne Conservatory is a unique music ministry of Central Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  Located in the historic Freeman House in downtown Huntsville, our school offers quality music instruction in a safe and inspiring atmosphere to students of any age, especially those who cannot afford music lessons or instruments.   In addition to private lessons, we offer enrichment programming and uniquely designed integrated arts program (see below) with both day time and afterschool class offerings, giving students and parents one-stop access to the best in fine and performing arts education.  Most importantly, we take music into the community, particularly communities where music education & enrichment is not easily accessible or affordable. Our staff strives to be role models and mentors to our students.


The establishment of the Hawthorne Conservatory was made possible through a generous trust fund left to Central Presbyterian Church by Marguerite Cartwright Hawthorne. Part of that estate was designated to use for youth, music, and outreach in the community.  

It was with these concepts in mind that the Conservatory opened in 1996 led by founding director Rhonda Mitchell, former bassoonist with the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, and Inaugural Lifetime Recipient of "The Rhonda Mitchell Broyles" Award named in her honor.  This award is given annually to a worthy recipient who has dedicated their lives to serving God with their gift of music, and significantly impacting youth and the community through music and arts education.


At the Hawthorne Conservatory, we believe in the power of music to help students unlock their potential, discover more about who they are, and connect communities for a greater purpose. 

Contact Tiffany Martin, Conservatory Director, at (256) 534-1255 for enrollment questions and information about private lessons, group classes, Master's Academy Integrated Arts (IAP) program and seasonal camps.  


We are honored to house some of the finest, highly credentialed and caring ministers of music in Huntsville, Alabama to offer quality music education at our conservatory.  All of our staff have Bachelor and/or Masters degrees in music and/or over 10 years professional experience in their disciplines.

Ms. Meagan Kish - Violin / Piano

Mr. Bryan Page - Trumpet / Voice / Music Composition & Theory

Mr. Gabe Larose - Guitar 

Ms. Sunmi Sheldon - Suzuki Piano / Voice 

Mr. Elijah Sheldon - Suzuki Violin

Ms. Irene Tucker - Piano / Voice / Early Music Development

Ms. Sara McFaddin -  Voice / Piano

Mr. Rober Lubin - Piano / Organ

Ms. Ariana Arcu - Cello

NEW! The Master's Academy @ Hawthorne   

In addition to our traditional private lessons, we are excited that we are now expanding this ministry of arts education to include dance, visual arts and enhanced group music lessons targeted to begin Fall 2015!  

This enhanced program will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and will be called “The Master’s Academy” at Hawthorne. It is specially designed for the highly artistic minded student who has a keen interest, bent and discipline toward mastery in the arts, as well as for outreach in the community, new Hawthorne prospects and Central Presbyterian families. Integration, project work and collaboration are key distinctives of this program.

Please review the overview & schedule for additional information and fees (links below). Current HC families in good standing are given priority through May 15, 2015 and will be slotted based on time frame preferences noted in your enrollment form and class minimum goals. After which, remaining slots will be offered to wait list and prospective families.  There is limited slot availability. Family interviews are required and scholarships may be available.

You may officially apply for enrollment for The Master’s Academy at Hawthorne by clicking here:






Traditional Private Music Lessons

Applying for enrollment

Students may apply for enrollment at any time, and may study one musical instrument. A family interview and student assessment will be conducted to assess fit for our program.  Lesson availability is subject to instructor schedules and/or teacher to student ratios for group classes or camps. Prospects not given a lesson slot will be placed on the wait list for future assessment or future placement. Upon acceptance into the program, students and parents must meet with the Director to complete initial orientation and paperwork in advance of starting lessons.  Enrollment priority is based on if student is returning, meets deadlines for registration and is in good standing. After which, wait list prospects are considered based on date of application, service needs/opportunity and keen interest of students.  Camp registration & enrollment will be done seasonally.  

Music Share

We require all students/parents who desire to enroll into the Hawthorne Conservatory to participate in the Music Share program.  Music Share helps us increase our scholarship/grant funds, strengthens our ability to take music to the community and enables us to consider the student's/family's affordability in setting a monthly tuition rate.  IF a student/family can afford the full tuition rate, we thank you!  If your family can not afford the full tuition rate, we kindly ask that you prayerfully and honestly assess your finances and consider the value of our service, then commit to make the agreed upon payment each month.  Monthly Music Share payments are due the first lesson each month despite number of lessons in a month.  

You may also encourage others to donate or participate in Music Share or donate or sponsor an instrument.  All donor or sponsorship interests should be directed to the conservatory offices.

Music Books & Instruments

Students or parents are responsible for purchasing music books and purchasing or renting instruments, which may be available at The Hawthorne Conservatory or various local specialty retailers. Teachers will provide students/parents information as to where they can purchase or rent instruments, as well as an orientation as to the proper care and handling of their instruments, including voice.  Periodically, teachers will check for damages or repair needs. 

Grants & Scholarships

For those who are unable to meet the Music Share requirement or afford books or instruments, there may be full and partial grants and scholarships available to assist.  Also, volunteer opportunity may be offered in lieu of Music Share contributions, and the Director reserves the right to exercise discretion and good judgment in awarding grants/scholarships. To be considered, student/parent must complete and submit a grant/scholarship interest or application form, and should consult the Conservatory Director to assess grant/scholarship eligibility and availability.  

Important: Enrollment is at the discretion of the Director, and contingent upon receipt of all required documents, including the student handbook acknowledgement & Agreement form and photo release.



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