Acts – Study Resources

Central Presbyterian Acts Study Note Handouts:

Week 7 Acts 2:26-41

Week 6 Acts 2:14-41

Week 4 and 5 Acts 2:1-13

Week 3 Acts 1:12-26

Week 2 Acts 1:6-11

Week 1 Acts 1:1-5

Here are a few excellent online and printable resources to aid in your study of the book of Acts for Central’s Adult Sunday School Class.

+Introduction and Outline by John McArthur online at Grace to You Ministries.

+Acts Notes and Outlines by J. Vernon McGee with Through the Bible – Downloadable and printable PDF (shared with permission)

+Introduction to Acts from the NIV Study Bible- online resource.

+Full color maps of Paul’s missionary journeys and the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire at Insight for Living.

+Major events in the Life of Paul which function as a partial Acts outline – an online ESV resource.

+Parallels in the ministry of Jesus, Peter, and Paul in Luke-Acts – online ESV resource.

+Chronology of Acts and the Epistles – online at BlueLetterBible.