Adult Sunday School

Our main adult Sunday school study begins at 9:30am every Sunday. You can find live video on our home page and also on our Facebook page. Archived video from each week will be posted in this space later in the day.

Current Series: The Book of Acts

Beginning Sunday, April 26th, Central’s main Adult Sunday school class will be studying the book of Acts. To aid in your personal study, follow this link to find our collection of helpful outlines, maps, and other excellent study resources that will enhance your time in Acts. Archived video from each week will be posted in this space.

Week 5 – Sunday, May 24th Acts 2:1-12 part 2

Week 4 – Sunday, May 17 Acts 2:1-12 notes handout

Week 3 – Sunday, May 10 Acts 1:12-26 notes handout

Week 2 – Sunday, May 3 Acts 1:6-11 notes handout

Week 1 – Sunday April 26 Acts 1:1-5 notes handout

Prior Studies:

The Nuts and Bolts of Prayer

Yes, most people know how to pray, but historically we have missed out on some of the proven tools that will help us have a deeper and richer prayer life.  Our desire as believers is to both commune and communicate with the One who calls us into a relationship with Himself; so we need to ask if there are means which will help us do this. The answer is yes, there are means and those are based in the Word of God, emanate from the Word of God and ultimately drive us deeper into the Word of God.  In our study we will examine what historically has been called “Centering Prayer.”  We will look at where past practices have gone wrong, what is the proper and biblical use of practices such as Lectio Divinaand Meditatio Divina, as well as how do I quiet my mind of the noise of the world around me so that I may give my complete focus to the Lord, His Word and His will in my prayer life. 
These are just some of the things we will be covering.  

Nuts and Bolts of Prayer Week 5 – Sunday April 19, 2020

Nuts and Bolts of Prayer Week 4 – Sunday April 12, 2020

Nuts and Bolts of Prayer Week 3 – Sunday April 5, 2020

Nuts and Bolts of Prayer Week 2 – Sunday March 29, 2020

Nuts and Bolts of Prayer Week 1 – Sunday March 22, 2019