Amended COVID-19 Protocols Announcement – Central Presbyterian Church Preschool – August 30, 2021

Dear Parents,

The response to our change of policy concerning the COVID Delta variant was overwhelmingly negative. Through the feedback we received, we understand that requiring masks for students as an additional virus mitigation measure did not match the vision or expectations of many families that we serve.  We have therefore made an adjustment to our policy that will hopefully strike the proper balance between our desire to stem transmission of the virus in the preschool and continuing with the ministry of the preschool. 

We will rescind  the mask mandate at the preschool beginning Tuesday August 31.  In an effort to take active steps to stem the spread of the virus, if a child (or teacher) in a class tests positive, that particular class will be closed for 10 business days.

Unfortunately, even after the last 18 months the understanding of who is most at risk and to what extent precautions are effective for various ages is not as clear as we would like it to be.  When you registered for preschool you signed a COVID waiver. As you probably know, the Delta Variant is much more aggressive towards children than the original strain.  As a ministry serving many young children in close proximity, we strive to take every reasonable precaution (such as those outlined above), but we can not guarantee that the virus will not be present, infect those present or cause the children harm. When you signed the waiver you agreed with that understanding.

We are grateful for your feedback concerning this issue, even the more strongly worded communications, and remind you that we are always ready to listen to your concerns or input concerning the care of your children during the brief time we have them each week.


Central Presbyterian Church