Annie’s Bio

On December 16th 2004, the Lord saved my life. My mother and I were driving on the highway when a car came and hit us. Glass started shattering from the window and one piece cut my face. I wanted to scream but something instantly stopped me. I felt this intuition to look up and I saw three lights: one in front of me, one behind me, and one beside me. Then a gentle hand touched my shoulder and the person who touched me whispered, “I am with you”.

It was from that very moment that I knew that the One who whispered in my ear was the One who held my heart, and His name was Jesus. Jesus saved my life in that wreck, but more importantly, He gave me life in that wreck. It was then that I heard His voice, and I knew Him and knew I belonged to Him. I knew He was real, I knew He was Good, I knew He was my Savior, and I knew He was my friend.

From that moment on, I knew my life was to be filled with obedience and worship. That same year, the Lord introduced me to dance. I developed my passion for dance at Ann’s Studio of Dance, where I trained for 15 years, from age 3 to 18. When I graduated high school, I went to Troy University, where I took dance courses specific to ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, and lyrical. This previous school year, the Lord has brought me back to Huntsville to teach at Ann’s Studio of Dance, teaching ages 3-18 in jazz, ballet, and tap. This coming school year, I am so excited to teach dance at Hawthorne. I am a lifelong member of Central Presbyterian Church, so it is special to get to serve my church and the Hawthorne ministry through this opportunity. Dance is a beautiful gift from the Lord that He has given us to worship Him. I am so excited to get to share my passion for dance, but more importantly my passion for the Lord and what an honor it is to worship Him through dance.