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  • Our Creator is our Common Core Standard! (Genesis 1 / Nehemiah 9:6 / John 1)
  • Music is indisputably held as a universal language and foundational link to all arts and sciences.
  • Art is worship; since we are made by The Creator, in HIS image, and inspired by HIS creation, we are given like abilities to “co-create” and are to do so for HIS kingdom and honor.
  • Artists should produce works that lift up “the good, the true and the beautiful” – both the joys and tragedies – portrayed or communicated truthfully – for with The Father we have hope and redemption, but without Him we are lost.
  • Art is to be done with excellence, and resound deliverance, bring healing, comfort and joy.
  • Culture should benefit from a wider range of art that advances God’s Kingdom principles and can be understood by both Christians and non-Christians.

Exciting Updates from the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center!


The Music Program is our traditional private and small group music lessons that are offered on our conservatory campus in the historic Freeman House or on-location within the community by our mobile outreach team. Current instruments offered include: Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet and Percussion.

Any child who desires to learn an instrument should be eligible to do so in loving and uplifting environment, regardless of their financial situation, so for this reason, full and partial scholarships are available to families who may have a burden that would normally keep them from affording lessons. Information on applications for scholarships can be found by calling the Conservatory during regular business hours.


This program is for the highly artistic minded student who desires to engage in a variety of arts disciplines and specialty classes for more advanced study and mastery. Students who enroll in this program study both an instrument and another discipline such as dance or visual arts. These classes primarily take place in our Hawthorne Studio building that houses our dance and arts studio as well as a sound recording booth and private music rooms. Other classes take place on-site with our outreach partners.

The Conservatory currently has relationships in the local community with several educational and service ministries including Lincoln Academy, Little Linc Preschool, The Downtown Rescue Mission, and The Huntsville Inner City Learning Center.

The Conservatory is under the direction of Michelle Bauer.

For information on either of our programs or to inquire about enrollment, please contact the Conservatory at 256-534-1255.