Hawthorne Visual Arts Program

Skills developed include creativity, observation, collaboration and confidence through media like clay, paper mache, melted crayon, photographs, salt, paint, oil pastels, fabric, etc.
Woven throughout each class session will be art principles and elements (like balance, proportion, variety, space, pattern, abstract vs concrete, texture, the Masters and more). All degrees of ability are welcome- “Every child is an artist” ~ Pablo Picasso.

Fall 2021 Art Classes
This year we will be exploring God’s people by learning about many other cultures from all over the world! Some of the neat things we will be creating this year in our visual arts class will be Khamsa hand prints, New Zealand Maori Kuru clay tribal necklaces, Tahiti tiki masks, Japanese no-tan paper art, Mexican metal suns, Middle Eastern geometric tiles, Asian hand fans, a Ojo de Dios (God’s eye) yarn project, Russian building drawing, Chinese dragons, Australian Aboriginal dot art, and African Serengeti sunset silhouettes. We’ll also be doing seasonal and holidays art. 

Art Tuition Fee: $40 per month
Annual Registration Fee: $30

To register for visual arts classes, please click on the Art Class Interest Form (blue button on our main page).
If you have questions, please contact us at hawthorneconservatory@centralpresb.org or 256-534-1255