Our Leadership

Our Staff

Rev. Dr. Randall Jenkins - Pastor
Rev. Dan Kish - Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach
Alex Hunter - Director of Student Ministries
Meagan Kish - Director of Children's Ministries
Katelyn Smith - Director of Preschool
Michelle Bauer - Director of the Hawthorne Conservatory
Sara McFaddin - Director of Children's Choir
Libby Rankin - Bookkeeper
Robert Lubin - Organist
Jeff Townsley - Director of Facilities
Lisa Mendyke - Administrative Assistant

Our Officers


Moderator: Rev. Dr. Randall T. Jenkins

Associate Pastor: Dan Kish

Class of 2022
Greg Bowen | Donald Dowdy | Shanon Dunlap

Class of 2023
David Cummings | Bo Emerson | Sara Rich

Class of 2024
Ben McArthur | Carleton Smith | Jim Tower


Class of 2022
James Desta | Lisa Edwards | Rhonda Emerson

Class of 2023
Cynthia Lill | Jeff Skinner | Brian Spear

Class of 2024
Oscar Comulada | Stephanie Crossley | Fey Tower


Class of 2022
Thomas Griffith

Class of 2023
John Newton

Class of 2021
Fred Coffey