Welcome to Central Presbyterian Preschool!

If you are interested in touring the school, please contact the director: Katelyn Smith at or 256-534-8446.


The Preschool program is part of Central Presbyterian’s Christian Education for the young child. It is open to church members and to the community. The Preschool program complements the Christian Education program and its philosophy is consistent with approved theologies of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.


In a loving and caring Christian environment, we at Central believe children are best served when they ‘play to learn’.  Our preschool staff is committed to helping and encouraging children to discover and learn through their play.  We’ve created an environment that is not only conducive to developmental success, but also challenging to the senses and nourishing to the spirit.  We encourage and applaud the child’s progression to new levels of confidence, self-esteem, and autonomy.  We appreciate each child’s unique character and we seek to find ways to enhance their skills and spirituality.

Our hope is that any child who comes through our program will benefit from the love and nurturing of our teachers, and that they will feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.  We hope to instill the necessary confidence and self-esteem to prepare them for future challenges and experiences.  Our goal is to assist the parents in laying a strong Christian foundation for the future building blocks of academic thinking and community services.

Days and Times

Our program runs from 9am-1pm each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We offer an optional Tuesday play day for our “walking 1s”, 2s, 3s, and Pre-K.

Our 2021-22 T-K class will be structured as a four-day program, meeting from 9am-1pm each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please refer to the Preschool calendar for information about holidays, special events and make-up days.


Tuition for 2021-22:

1 day: $100
2 days: $150
3 days: $200
4 days: $250

Pizza/fruit on Fridays – $10 per month

Registration fee – $50 ($100 family maximum) due at time of registration
One-time supply fee of $25 due in August
One-time PK and TK curriculum fee of $30 due in August


We are a “play to learn” preschool.  Each class also works on developmentally appropriate skills such as sitting for circle time, cutting and gluing, pencil grip, handwriting, etc.  But we believe the best preschool lessons are learned through purposeful play!

The PreK and TK classes utilize “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum to prepare for Kindergarten.