Our Plan for Reopening Worship at Central

As we target Sunday June 7th to reopen worship at Central, there are a few precautions and procedures we will be taking to help ensure the health of everyone attending. The Session, in consultation with our medical professionals have worked out what we feel will best keep everyone as safe as possible while still enabling us to gather, sing, pray and worship the Lord.

Our regular worship service will begin at 10:30 am in the sanctuary.

There will be an additional interactive worship service at 9 am, designed for those with children (but anyone can attend), in the Cooper House or in the back yard (weather allowing). Families are welcome to bring chairs or blankets to sit on (creating their own space and thereby a safe distance away from others). The service will be 30-35 minutes.

We will practice the standard social distancing by keeping 6 feet apart. Family units, whether that unit is a husband and wife or an entire extended family, may sit closer together if they desire. In addition to seating in the sanctuary the chapel will be open during worship with chairs spaced appropriately.

Worship folders will contain all readings, lyrics, and scripture passages so there will be no need to use the pew Bibles or hymnals.

There will be overflow seating in the Cooper House utilizing our livestream on the big screen.

Everyone’s temperature will be taken prior to entering the building by a touchless thermometer. The standard used to measure a fever is presently 100.4. If your temperature is higher than that you will be asked to wait 10 minutes before you can have a recheck (maybe you just had a very hot cup of coffee in the car). If your temperature is less than 100.4 you may enter, but if it is still higher than 100.4 you will be asked to return home. This is presently the standard procedure at physician’s offices.

For the safety of others, we are asking that everyone wear a mask, either your own or one provided to you by the church. There will be an exception for small children and those actively leading worship. The mask will aid in the containment of any particulates, especially during singing. Please review the rationale for this which will be presented by Dr. Cash this Sunday prior to worship and will subsequently available on our website.

Offering plates will be placed at the doors and not passed during the service.

Hand sanitizer will be located at each point of entry.

The restrooms will be available.

Things that will not be provided until further notice: nursery, choir, Children’s Church, donuts, Coffee Moments, The Lord’s Supper, and all Sunday School classes. These will all return when it is appropriate.

The online stream will continue as a permanent part of the ministry of Central.

I encourage you to remain patient and keep a generous attitude during this time. These are unchartered waters and we are all trying to do what is best while returning to as much normalcy as possible. What may seem like chaos to us is just the Lord working. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Session or the church office directly.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Randy Jenkins on behalf of the Session.