Talking Through Tough Times

These are unprecedented times. As a parent concerned about the health and future of our families and our country, it can be hard to know what or how much to say when our children ask questions. Hopefully these Biblically-based resources can help.

Explaining the Situation: What is Social Distancing? What is the Coronavirus? Why can’t we go to school or church? This video is perfect for your kiddos to help explain this weird time for all of us! It has some easy-to-understand explanations and great scripture to encourage our children (and adults)!

Talking Through This With Your Kids: Children have questions. Right now children have LOTS of questions! Below are some additional tools provided by D6 Family Ministries specifically to help parents walk faithfully and lovingly through strange times like those facing us during Spring of 2020.

Verses that remind us that JESUS is still in charge!